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and more! Think of us as your new digital marketing resource. We’ll save you time, save you money and eliminate your tech headaches.


Shannon Borasio

Founder | Baziday Web Design

We work with small business owners, like you, to make sure that your website:

Technology is Constantly Changing

Do You Need a New Website?

Is Your Message Clear?

Do your website visitors know what makes you unique, what you sell, and how to purchase it from you?

Does Your Website Look Dated?

Your visitors may make a judgement about your business' credibility based on your website's aesthetics and ease of use.

What about the Tech?

80% of people use a mobile device to search the internet. Is your website designed so that it looks great on all devices?

Where to Start?

Most business owners find it challenging to work on their own websites. We understand and we can help.

You'll always have someone to call

A Resource for Small Business



High quality custom results at affordable prices. You decide the marketing approach that's best for you and your business.

Full Service

Our full-service approach includes attentive customer service and collaboration with clear expectations.


Zero Tech Headaches for our clients. Starting with your new website and including your digital marketing plans.

What We Offer

Bold Beautiful Websites that Bring Your Vision to Life

We’ll create a website that you can be proud of.  It will be beautiful, full of information about your business, easy to navigate, and will have the features that you need. We handle all the details, to make it an easy and creative process for you and your business.

Website Care Plans that are Worry-Free

Once your new website is up and running.  We stick around.  You’ll always have someone keeping an eye on things.  We’ll be hosting and actively monitoring your website, so you don’t have to worry.

Digital Marketing Support Made Easy

You know what works for you and for your clients: email marketing, social media and/or blog posting. You might want to reach out weekly, monthly or quarterly. It’s up to you. We’ll implement your marketing plans in a snap!

Get Started

Are you ready for a brand new website, zero tech headaches, and an ongoing marketing resource? We’d love to talk to you about your project.