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Creating Your New Website


Your website is so important

Your website is the anchor for your marketing efforts.  Social Media may get the conversation started, but the website closes the sale. 

Be easy to find

Show up in Search

Your potential customers are Googling, looking for answers to solve their needs.  Included in their search results should be your business and it’s helpful and informative website.

Even if most of your business comes from referrals (which is great!) many of those people will Google you to get a feel for your business and confirm your credibility.  


Gain a Competitive Advantage

Does your website make a good first impression and give the visitor the information they need?

And does it compare favorably with your competition’s websites – is it beautiful and well laid-out for good user experience? 

Do you post valuable content that answers your clients questions?

Better Workflow

Another great use for a website is to help with your workflow. Use a FAQ section so that potential customers can find answers to their questions.

Or documents that they can download, without needing to call you.

Anything that saves you time, makes your business more efficient, or pre-qualifies a client, is potential content for your website.  

What We Do

We take your goals...
and run with them!

We have a proven process that takes website creation and breaks it down into small manageable bitesize chunks.

We build on each step, working together until we have a beautiful website that you can be proud of.  

Step One


Make the Best First Impression

Present a professional image to your visitors

Showcase Your Expertise

Portfolio, Testimonials

Explain What You Do

and who you work with

Get the Visitor to Act

Buy Your Product, Call for an Appointment, etc

Step Two



Is your message clear? We developed a worksheet that walks you step by step through the process of writing your copy.

You always have the choice to do it yourself, or we can help you with it! We have three packages available.

Either way, we’ll guide you through the process, helping you identify the content you need.


Photos are key elements for your website. They really bring a website to life! Let's determine what photos you may need and the best way to obtain them.


Need a refresh? Let's talk logo, fonts and brand colors.

Step Three


An Organized Website

We'll organize your content for an optimized User Experience (UX). Keeping in mind that most people scan websites, we'll use subheads, bullets and images to meet their needs.

On-Trend Design

Design Trends change over time, we'll make sure that your site looks fresh and state of the art. You'll be proud of your new website.

Appealing to the User

We'll design your website with a specific User Interface (UI) in mind. Your new website will appeal to your target market.

Design Consistency

Speaking of which, use the same design concepts in your social media to create a consistent brand experience for users.

Step Four


Your website will include the elements that Google likes: 


- Quality Hosting
- SSL Certificate (https)

Loads Fast

- Quality Hosting
- Optimized Images


- Looks great on all devices
- Desktop, Tablets and Phones

Plus all the elements that you need:

Email Marketing

- Integration with MailChimp and others

Payment Platforms

- Accept payments with Paypal or Stripe

Contact Forms

- Make it easy for clients to contact you


- Your location(s) and service area

That's it!



Your new website has launched and you can feel good that your website is working hard for you and your business!

It's introducing your business to website visitors and turning those visitors into customers!

Services that Support Your New Website

Website Care Plans that are Worry-Free

We keep your website running smoothly, humming along just as it should.

Digital Marketing Support Made Easy

We'll create and implement your digital marketing projects in a snap!

Let's Get Started!

Are you ready for a brand new website, zero tech headaches, and an ongoing marketing resource? We’d love to talk to you about your project.