Website Design ensures that your business makes a good first impression with your visitors.  We use classic design principles mixed with the latest trends and gadgets to make your website one that you can be proud of.  Your website will be designed from scratch to highlight the unique characteristics of your business.  

Every page of your website should help to  tell your business’ story in a way that connects with your customers.  Your new website will balance the use of images with text and use plenty of white space resulting in a pleasing layout with easy navigation and readability.  


Your website will be created using WordPress, which enables your site to have lots of bells and whistles.  At the same time, WordPress enables us to make sure that your site loads quickly, looks great on mobile phones and tablets and is search engine friendly.  

WordPress also integrates with other popular software programs including MailChimp (email marketing) Stripe (payment processing) and Recaptcha (spam protection).  Your website will be the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts. 


We provide premium service for all of our clients

  • Hosting on our private servers optimized for WordPress sites
  • Daily backups of your site's files and content
  • Weekly updates of your site's software to ensure everything is functioning properly
  • Security lock-down and malware screening to lessen the liklihood of a hack
  • Billed monthly, starting at $45/month

We offer digital marketing services for our clients

  • Website Updates: we'll update your content as your business evolves and grows
  • New Blog Posts: we'll create the post using your images and written material
  • Social Media Posts: we'll post your latest blog and any additional content
  • Email Newsletters: we'll create your newsletter using your written material
  • All of the above, as requested. Billed at an hourly rate of $60

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